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Home Automation

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Synco living home automation system living with heart and brain.

Home automation system is a widely used but seldom defined term. We define it as a centrally operated modular system that adapts all the parameters for good living - such as optimum temperature, ventilation and light conditions, security and economical use of environmental and financial resources – to the current personal requirements for each room. The system can be dynamically adapted in line with changing living conditions.

Comfort and lifestyle.

Synco living

  • creates individual room climates
  • respects the peace and quiet thanks to near-silent operation
  • initiates individual living scenarios at the push of a button
  • allows comfort settings to be manually extended
  • warns you when your oil tank is nearly empty
  • controls the ventilation at the push of a button
  • operates the central heating, light and blinds
  • displays current living and weather data

Security and economy.

Synco living

  • alerts you to open windows and doors
  • simulates occupancy
  • warns you when batteries are low
  • warns you of malfunctioning devices
  • alerts you to open fridges/freezers
  • uses no more than the necessary amount of energy
  • avoids excess heating bills caused by open windows
  • only serves rooms that are actually in use
  • alerts you to the formation of smoke

The Synco living home automation system from Siemens has been awarded a red dot for outstanding design. The red dot design award is one of the most coveted design prizes in the world. It is a quality seal awarded each year to the winners of the international competition "red dot design award: product design" for sophisticated and innovative design. Synco TM living from Siemens has been awarded the red dot for its exceptionally high design quality.

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