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Innovation is a strategic objective for SIMELEC, which explains our commitment to R+D+i. Such a commitment is materialised in the creation of the company’s own R+D+i Department.

We are currently developing an improvement project for regulation and control systems in technical installations found in buildings. It is based on the following lines of research:

  • Line 1: Improvement of the control algorithms, based on the minimisation of CO2 emissions.
  • Line 2: Impact of biomass gasification technologies on the CO2 emissions of major tertiary buildings.
  • Line 3: Impact of the CO2 emission minimisation algorithm on the building’s emissions and its energy labelling.
  • Line 4: Implementation of the CO2 emission minimisation algorithm in remote management systems with web technologies and subsequent implementation of mobile systems (PDA's, SmartPhones, ...).
  • Line 5: Implementation of the algorithm for the control of devices based on KNX and DMLS open communications protocols.

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