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    Energy certification

    eficiencia energetica eficiencia energetica

    Certificates should not be regarded as the mere compulsory energy certification of buildings to adapt them to regulatory requirements, but as a very useful tool that can help us attain the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

    Main advantages:

    • Project energy improvement tool, available from the project design phase.
    • Competitive differentiation tool for architectural studies and developers. More sustainable buildings and developments.
    • Tool used to improve the profitability of developers, since the most efficient projects are starting to receive grants from different public administrations.
    • Decision-making tool that can be used by citizens when acquiring a new home, allowing them to compare the cost of energy of their building and how it respects the environment.

    SIMELEC has a highly qualified staff that is experienced in energy certification processes and the TRANSYS and Energy Plus computer certification tools used to certify tertiary buildings.

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