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Architectural Integration

integracion_arquitetonica integracion_arquitetonica_boceto

Technology as an integral component of architecture: Viessmann’s solar collectors have unveiled a new era in the efficient use of solar energy. They are now installed on roofs, façades or integrated within the roof; the attractive design of flat collectors and vacuum tubes manufactured by Viessmann offers new aesthetic options to the design of buildings. In this sense, the many different functions of these systems also offer very interesting options to modern architecture. Other arguments in favour of the use of Viessmann’s solar energy collectors that will surely convince its customers are its high reliability, long working life and high effectiveness. In a solar power installation, Viessmann can cater for 70 % of the annual hot water demand.

The different collector models manufactured by Viessmann can be installed in almost any type of configuration: without a doubt, a reference is the Vitosol 100 flat collector, which can be perfectly integrated on any type of roof with special installation sets. Similarly, the Vitosol 200-T vacuum tube collector can be installed anywhere, with no need for supports, and in any position, either on a façade or flat roof.

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