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Web-based Monitoring

Web-based Energy monitoring and management system
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The web-based energy monitoring and management system (SIMWeb) is a Web application that is offered by SIMELEC, S.L. and it can be used for the remote measurement, management and billing of the energy consumption (electricity, water, gas) in one or various measurement points, including the monitoring of any type of renewable energy plants.

SIMWeb was developed to respond to the need of a flexible system that:

  • enables the easy, quick and efficient management of the energy consumption.
  • enables the real-time reading, decision-making or billing of installations, regardless of the situation and/or location where we are operating.
  • is capable of quickly adapting to changes in the market (changes in the legislation, price of energy, etc.).

No software is needed to access SIMWeb. Likewise, you do not need special peripheral devices during communications. The customer must simply connect to the Internet to enjoy all of the service's advantages (automatic data acquisition, real-time monitoring of measurements, alarm systems).

The graphs, data and billing information can be displayed on the Web page.

Various users can be defined, with different access permissions to relevant information. The data acquired and processed by SIMWeb can also be exported to Excel files, which can be then treated with other computer tools or proprietary applications.

The SIMWeb application also has a Web messaging and alarm system, which provides information about any type of anomaly detected in the installation in real time.

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